About US

We have diverse business interest and in short span of our existence we have made a mark on all of them. From preparing snacks and manufacturing industrial paints we are into providing services in the domain of blast cleaning, sandblasting and pipe painting. We are in many trades and master of all of them too.
That has been possible because we have the requisite work force comprising professionals and experts from the required disciplines. Our products and packaging confirm to the highest parameters existing in the industry.
Market credibility is given preference over short time gain in our organization. We realize to be in the business for long time gain we first have to prove our merit. Hence our stringent quality control regime, timely delivery, cost effective methods and most importantly social responsibility concern. Both as manufacturer and service provider we adopt a cautious approach to uphold safety in terms of health of the consumer and environmental safety on a general scale.
Our food items are prepared under an extremely hygienic environment using only the best permissible frying agents. Our paints are toxic free and our sandblasting uses the most user friendly procedure and materials so as not to produce any health hazard.

Our Team

Ajit Soman


Our team is the backbone of our organization. It is truly the meeting ground of professionals all experts in their respective domain. It the dedication, foresight, innovative approach and concern foe social issues that have allowed the company to stand on this strong foundation. Our team comprises: